Bizarre Botanicals: An Interview with Larry Mellichamp

Your livable garden is about to get a little weirder. Shawn and Blinda chat with expert botanist of the bizarre, Larry Mellichamp about his discoveries while writing "Bizarre Botanicals: How to Grow String-of-Hearts, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Panda Ginger, and Other Weird and Wonderful Plants"

"There's no reason to forsake lilies and petunias. But after reading Bizarre Botanicals, gardeners will want to take a walk on the weird side and try a few of these peculiar plants for themselves."

Small Space, Big Design

Not everyone lives onacres of land out in the country. Many of our designs take advantage of very limited real estate. A small yard doesn't mean you can't have great design.

Shawn and Blinda discuss the different varieties of courtyard designs that Mirror Lake specializes in.

Ask The Expert: Fire Ants

Fire ant mounds. They pop up out of nowhere. One day you have a clean, clear entry into your backyard, and the next morning you have an entire infantry of fire ants.

Shawn and Blinda enlist the help of Dr. Paul Nester of Texas A&M University to learn more about when you can expect to find these critter's homes and more interestingly, why.


A Landscape Architect? What the heck is that?

Most folks don't even know that a Landscape Architect is a profession. Their only experience, after all,  is with pool builders and pool contractors. But there is a huge difference between the landscape architect, and a guy with a shovel. 

Let Texas Registered Landscape Architect No. 869 (Michael Shawn Kelly) explain the difference.