The Art of the Islamic Garden: An Interview with Emma Clarke

The principles of Islamic garden design have informed almost all of the work at Mirror Lake since Shawn first learned of the concepts in school. 

Today, Shawn and Blinda chat with Emma Clark, author of The Art of the Islamic Garden. 

Emma Clark designs gardens with a fundamentally spiritual and holistic outlook, undertaking them for private clients and public institutions, both in the U.K. and abroad.  She specialises mainly in Islamic gardens, focusing on contemporary interpretations of traditional principles.

She is Senior Tutor on the post-graduate Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts  (VITA) Programme at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London

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The Gentleman Farmer's Lot

We are surrounded in the Houston area with subdivisions of two-acre lots. Typically, these homes are built up several feet above native elevation. The intention is good - to keep the home dry. But too often, the homeowners and the builders themselves do not know how to mitigate the unforeseen consequences. 

Shawn and Blinda explain...