Sometimes it's best to actually see what we are talking about on air. We've created these videos to help you understand the work we do both in the studio and out on the job site with Mirror Lake Designs.

The Process

Most of our clients want to know exactly how the process works. How do we go from talking about a design to implementing it? In this video, founder and owner Michael Shawn Kelly, explains what the process is like.

1. The Hand Drawn Design

Michael Shawn Kelly began Mirror Lake Designs in 1982. Since then, he has designed and built thousands of beautiful backyards, winning international awards for his swimming pool designs.

This is a three part series that follows a backyard swimming pool design from start to finish.

2. The Build

Michael Shawn Kelly goes on site to oversee the construction of his design.

3. Jumping In

Now to sit back, relax, and watch the kids play.

1. The Budget Conscious Pool

Another three part series. Michael Shawn Kelly breaks down the three major types of pool design.  Beginning first with the Budget-Conscious Pool.

2. The Courtyard Pool

"Do you build small pools?"

We get this question a lot. In this video, Michael Shawn Kelly explains why these are his favorite designs.

3. The Family Retreat

This type of pool is designed with all family members in mind, from young to old.

More Than Pools

At its heart, Mirror Lake Designs is a landscape architecture firm. Sometimes our designs include pools, and other do not. Here is one of our favorite award-winning landscape designs.